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At Russian Lux, all our luxury hair extension products receive expert meticulous workmanship, to ensure they are durable, strong, flexible and deliver natural beauty.

Our variety of stunning colours, lengths and 100% reliable attachment methods, means you will never feel limited in your creative expression, be for yourself or what you offer you're clientele.

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Your best choice for colour options and styles.

We are completely different in our approach to creating hair extensions, in that, every single item is custom created and never mass produced, allowing us to offer you the most beautiful and exclusive styles and you cannot find elsewhere.     

Our premium quality hair is known for its stunning shine, natural appearance and effortless blending.

With its soft texture and light, easy movement, your new additions wont feel like hair extensions, instead just like your own hair.  

When it comes to creating hair extensions, nothing compares to authentic, real virgin human hair

Unlike factory mass produced know what they are (the 95% of replicated shades seen in most stores) the hair we use to make our hair extensions has not been previously chemically altered or processed in any way. 

 It looks, feels and behaves like your own natural hair – cut straight from the donors head.

We have many available options. You even have the choice of picking your own raw ponytails and letting us create you're dream hair or choose from our online store where we have pre-designed some of our most popular colours, lengths and shades ready for instant dispatch.

You will love the light, natural, and free movement of our hair extensions allowing a softer effect which blends much more seamlessly with your own hair, hence the term Russian relating to the style of the hair, meaning the hair is of a lighter structure.

 For Russian or Caucasian Australian hair lengths of up to 20" are normally available, sometimes 22" + depending on availability, with the hair being much more expensive than our special virgin hair.

If you require hair from a specific region and or specific specific texture please advise prior to creating your custom order invoice.
Custom Orders:

Our special virgin hair, is used to in our coloured, extra long and textured extensions which is sourced from various regions of the world to create a large range of stunning shades and with a soft slight naturally wavy texture this further makes it easier and more natural to blend, this hair can be made up in extreme lengths up to 28-30".  

The hair we source to make our amazing range of shades have had no previous alteration to the cuticle what-so-ever, meaning your new beautiful hair extensions retain their natural multi-dimensional beauty, something you won't find in standard hair extensions. For custom orders in this range we will send you a invoice via our custom order page.

Please note: Custom made hair extensions do not qualify for standard store promotions unless specified.Natural virgin hair for the best hair extensions



We offer free express shipping to all Australian orders over $200.
We ship all orders Australia and to selected countries worldwide.


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Is it your birthday? Have an event? or simply cant find you're perfect match?

We can create any colour, length & style of your dreams from our special virgin hair.


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