Why Choose Russian Lux?

    RL emerged from a personal passion for the transformative power of hair. Driven by a desire for quality, we embarked on a challenging journey to find reliable hair on a consistent basis. This led us to unveil a range of high-quality, genuine products, coupled with innovative application methods. Today, we take pride in presenting a selection of ethically sourced, premium Remy Russian hair extensions, reflecting our commitment to responsible sourcing practices.

    At RL, our pride extends beyond products; it's about delivering a luxurious and high-quality range of temporary and permanent hair extensions.

    The largest selection of attachment methods and 43 professionally hand-dyed colours

    We have cultivated an unmatched range of attachment methods, colours, and designs. Our process involves extensive trials of every hair extension type available in the market, ensuring that only the leading ones make it to our collection.

    What sets us apart is our commitment to colour diversity. Each set is crafted with precision and expertise. The result is a collection that not only looks good but also feels amazing.

    Premium Double Drawn

    Our extensions start their journey from an altered ponytail, ensuring they maintain the cuticle in the natural downward direction. This, along with our slow dying, assures our extensions last longer and are more healthy and durable than you ever thought possible.

    At RL, excellence is not a choice; it's our dedication to our hair extension supplies. Our mission is clear: to offer nothing short of premium-quality hair every time.
    Each ponytail undergoes manual checks to eliminate any short hairs, guaranteeing that each extension is full from top to bottom with no thin ends. This process doesn't just enhance the look; it transforms the overall appearance, leaving you with premium double drawn hair extensions.

    Customer Care

    Our goal is to make your experience effortless, whether it is for you or your clients. Our dedicated customer support team stands ready to assist you at every step of your hair extension experience.

    Whether you wish to personally elevate your style to a new level or offer your clients quality at its best, this is at the forefront of our policy.