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All of our luxury hair is meticulous selected to create the perfect blend of colour, texture, length, density and natural movement to achieve the greatest transformation possible, crafting long, silky and beautiful hair extensions to suit your needs.

Wholesale Russian BALAYAGE



At Russian Lux Hair Extensions, we specialise in using pure virgin hair to create all our beautiful custom shades of balayage, ombre and rare colours such as very light cool blondes and super ashy tones.

We carefully hand pick our pure virgin ponytails, selecting only hair that has never been previously chemically processed and create a range of beautiful colours and styes.

The wonderful characteristics and health of the hair is maintained because the original colour has not been altered with harsh bleaches like that of lower quality varieties therefore making it healthier & easier to maintain. Our hair is recommended for all hair types and lighter hair shades.

You will love the light, natural, and free movement of our hair extensions allowing a softer effect which blends much more seamlessly blends with your own hair, hence the term Russian meaning the hair is of a lighter structure.

Russian Lux hair extensions are made with 100% human virgin hair, with a texture that is light and full with cuticle in-tact, which have passed our strict quality control standards.

Our Premium Luxury Hair Extensions come in a large range of stunning shades and with a soft slight naturally wavy texture this further makes it easier and more natural to blend.  

The hair we source to make our amazing range of shades have had no previous alteration to the cuticle what-so-ever, meaning your new beautiful hair extensions retain their natural multi-dimensional beauty, something you won't find in standard hair extensions.



Wholesale Russian hair extensions Australia

Our prices are extremely competitive, as our buying power allows us to pass the savings along to you allowing you to purchase a range of custom created shades without the custom price-tag.           

You can test this yourself by gently washing and conditioning a small section prior to application (well away from the bonds)  so you can be 100% sure of the soft tangle free quality we offer.

Our hair will add beautiful volume, thickness and length naturally and effortlessly.



Blonde Russian hair extensions Australia

Russian Lux hair extensions brings you quality to the next level allowing a greater range of stunning shades and variations, which results in smooth, soft hair which moves and  flows the way hair does naturally.
Our coloured range, our delicate process of light colour pigmentation is the key advantage in allowing us to create our stunning shades such including white and creamy blonde.  We never strip or bleach the hair with harsh colour or bleaches so our shades are never brassy. 

We advise that you do not further bleach or lighten the pre-coloured shades made with virgin hair as it may cause damage to your new additions. 

We use a special colour lock process so your beautiful new hair will never fade or become dull. This will in turn also make it harder to strip and lighten the hair which can cause unnecessary damage to our pre-coloured shades which as previously explained is selected for its light soft texture, this type of texture is more easily damaged with the application of chemicals.  We suggest contacting us so you can exchange your hair for a different shade, choose a un-coloured shade or custom make it a shade for you. Like all hair excessive use of heating and styling tools, styling products, chlorinated pools, spa pools etc can cause damage to your hair as well as the extensions.


Our virgin hair extension varieties allow you to lighten and customise you're new additions and even add beautiful foils or highlights.  This refers to our uncoloured virgin range.

We also supply 100% virgin uncoloured hair, with absolutely no colour, ask us about this type of hair via our contact us page so we can show you photos of the raw virgin pony tails we have available in stock, this hair can be made to your preferred attachment method being weft, i tip or nail tip.

This hair is imported from Russian, USA and bought locally.  Our Russian uncoloured varieties brings you the beauty of Caucasian hair in its natural colours. 

We generally do not colour / tone or highlight / foil this hair so if you need specific shades please choose from our freshly created extensions on our store.              All these extensions are pre-coloured and guaranteed 100% virgin derived natural hair that have been customised to our most popular shades.

Please contact us for our full list of virgin uncoloured hair.  This hair is more expensive than our coloured varieties which wont last s long as it has been dyed from natural virgin hair of dark natural colour.  Just like your own hair if it was dyed from dark to light the quality cannot be compared to hair that was never coloured.

Our Russian / Caucasian virgin uncoloured hair is mainly imported from Russian & the USA.  We also source natural cuts from Australia.


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