Balayage Russian Tape Hair Extensions 50 Grams 20 Pieces

Length: 18"
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  • RL Hair Extensions
  • RL Hair Extensions
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Balayage Russian Tape Hair Extensions


Fast, easy, and re-useable—our classic tape hair extensions are an all-time favourite.

Our premium double-drawn Remy Russian tape hair ensures consistent volume that extends seamlessly from roots to ends.

A loved attachment method, used by salons globally.

Choose from 42 radiant colours, providing a flawless match for every individual.

Reflection tested for the most natural-looking hair in all light conditions.


Simplicity at its best: our pre-taped extensions boast a high-quality adhesive, ensuring a secure hold for up to 8 weeks. The average lifespan for these extensions are 9–12 months with proper care.

Each pack contains 20 pieces of double-drawn Russian remy tape-in.

50g (1 Packet) For a subtle addition to existing length, ideal for fine-haired
100g (2 Packets) Elevate your look, perfect for those with fine to medium hair or anyone seeking to add volume to their length
150g (3 Packets) to achieve an ideal balance for medium to thick hair or those desiring a full and voluminous look
200g (4 Packets): For the ultimate volume and bounce, let your hair speak volumes!

Per Pack

Product Weight: 50g
Type: Tape
Weight/Strands: 2.5 Gram/20 Pieces

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Sarah Fraser
Beautiful quailty

After years of using several types of different hair extensions brands, I started to lose more of my hair as it kept getting knotty after a while and the texture was different no matter what I tried. I just wanted something natural that actually looked like my own hair which is actually nice and soft and not have to continually buy new hair all the time.
I felt at ease with how much knowledge these people have, and the fact that they really know what they are talking about.
They explain the process of using real natural ponytails, then the stages the hair goes through, like removing all the short hairs (by hand), washing and conditioning the hair and making it into the individual bonding attachments that are done also by hand not by machines like in huge factories.
The crazy thing is pretty much all hair extensions sites buy their hair from big Chinese or Indian factories and the hair after its been so highly processed that its like if you had bleached your own hair to an inch within its life and then dyed it to one of the multitude of available colours and then wonder why it looks so bad so quickly. I finally understand lol after many years of confusion.
When you actually think about it there is no way you can buy real hair cheaper because they have to cover it with silicon coating to make it look good, then after a few washes it feels unnatural, knotty & dry.
This is the first time I felt hair that was so stunning and natural and the highlights are so pretty.
I could not be happier with my beautiful, thick, long hair, and actually feeling like real hair. I wish I had been told about them earlier because its been quite a stressful over the years of having to continually try and match up my hair over and over again and hope the colour itself even matches, which sometimes I have gone back and forth 3 or 4 times just to get the right colour sent out.
Russian Lux are not only amazing at providing beautiful hair extensions they are also great at matching up the colour of your hair.
Thanks for making my long hair a breeze for once!

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