Russian hair FAQs


Are You An Australian Company?

Yes! We are a 100% Australian owned company located on the Gold Coast where all our products are dispatched via express post daily so you receive you're amazing new hair extensions fast.

Do You Ship Internationally?

Yes, we ship to all Internationally via registered post which takes between 10 days on average to arrive and express post which is approx. 4-6 days delivery on average. 

Please note: we do not ship to the UK or USA.

How Do I Colour Match?

You can pick your hair from our colour chart or we can assist you via email.  Simply send us a photo from the back and each side of your hair in natural light (not direct bright sunlight).

Do you offer further salon discounts?

Many of our clients are thrilled to be finally able to source a genuine pure virgin hair extensions without paying thousands of dollars.  We only select guaranteed virgin human hair for all of our coloured hair extensions.  Our prices are at wholesale direct without the huge salon mark-ups. 

At Russian Lux we have in-depth experience dealing in wholesale worldwide trade, and with our ever increasing buying power this has allowed us to build a strong, trusted alliance with our exporters, to better negotiate the most favourable prices.  

Once you try our hair you will instantly decipher a distinct difference in quality, naturalness of colour range and style.

What Type Of Shampoo & Conditioner Do You Recommend:

We advise advise using organic or natural shampoo's as most shampoo's and conditioners can have a stripping effect on your own hair as well has the extensions. Most organic or natural conditioners or professional salon brands such as the ones listed above work beautifully.

It is also very important when washing, to gently wash your hair at the roots to remove oils and let the shampoo rinse the rest of your hair and extensions clean. Do not "scrub" hair extensions. 

When conditioning we recommend towel drying your hair and applying a deeply moisturising conditioner to smooth and soften your hair and hair extensions focusing on mid-length to ends to keep it soft.

How Do You Provide The Best Quality Hair Extensions & Service?

We aim to provide all customers with the highest level of product quality and service.
We do this by substantiating all fulfillments from beginning to end by video recording each and every order from product packaging to labelling to dispatch so the key elements of accuracy are handled at every step with attention to detail, so you can be 100% sure what you have ordered online is what you will receive in the expected time frame.
All hair extensions are made with only the finest hair in a wide range of stunning shades. 
Our hair extension are dyed by some of the world's most skilled and advanced colour technicians to provide foiled and highlighted shades created to perfection. Our balayage / ombre options literally melt from dark to light, subtly and naturally with incredible highlights and lowlights to give you a high end stunning result. Because this hair has been dyed we do not recommend re-dying the hair, as just like your own hair it can get damaged easily from over exposure to chemicals.

What Is Russian Hair?

At Russian lux we have sourced a range of beautiful colours, textures and styles to match the fine characteristics of Russian / Caucasian hair.

Our hair is free of any mixing of synthetics, animal or coarse and is only sourced from healthy young women.  

Our extensions are never acid treated to break down the cuticles in order to make it blend better with Caucasian hair unlike most types of Asian and Indian hair.  

Our Russian hair is sourced from the USA, Russia, Ukraine and surrounding regions as well as locally from Australia and is only selected for its soft, fine characteristics which is more compatible with Caucasian hair. This type of hair is much rarer and can be made into a full range of stunning shades.

We also sell Russian /Caucasian hair which is non-dyed and in its natural ponytail form just as it was cut from the doner's head.  We recommend retaining its natural virgin state however you may choose to colour, tone, highlight the hair at your own risk.  We do not take any responsibility for damage caused to the hair from chemically altering the hair in either our coloured virgin varieties or non-coloured varieties.

What Does Remy Mean?

Our hair is guaranteed Remy, meaning it is cuticle correct hair. All our hair extensions carefully handled one by one to ensure all hairs run in the same direction from root to tip. This means the hair will cannot tangle and matt, like mass produced factory runs.

How Much Hair Should I Order?

A standard half head is 50 grams which is generally enough to give you thickness and volume.  

A full standard head is 100 grams and is perfect for add some length and volume.

150 grams is the most popular for natural length & thickness.

200 grams or more is recommended if you have very thick and/or short hair you may require more than these standard amounts, please ask for professional advise from your stylist.

Feel free to contact us for friendly advise.

Which Length Should I Choose?

Based on an average girls height

18" is approximately to the middle back around bra strap level.  

20" will sit approximately to your upper waist.

22" will sit approximately at lower waist.

24" will sit to approximately at hip bone.

How Long Will My Extensions Last?

Our extensions are the most beautiful and finest hair available on the world market, so with gentle care they can outlast standard hair types.
Our natural range of shade look and feel more natural.  The more gentle you are with the hair, the longer it will last.  

If the hair has been damaged by the application of additional chemicals via hair colour, bleach or toners or if it is repeatedly damaged by straightening or curling the hair will not stay as healthy and smooth.  Doing so is at your own risk.

Our virgin un-coloured hair can last for up to 2 years plus if it has not been re-coloured or toned and treated special care.

How Do I Make An Order?

Please order your hair extensions directly from the website by PayPal, Zippay, Afterpay, bank transfer or deposit.  

If you decide on a custom order, after we have established your requirements we will send you an invoice to itemise the exact specifications of your custom order.

For photos of our un-coloured virgin ponytails please contact us. 

Can The Hair Extensions Re-used?

Yes except for keratin bonds (nail tip) which is generally not considered a re-useable attachment method.

Our weft / weave extensions can easily be removed and re-fitted with a braid or beads.

Our Russian Clip-In, Ponytail & flip-ins can we re-used daily.  

Our beautiful Tape extensions can easily be removed with our hypoallergenic removal solution specially designed to protect the bonding strip and and then can be re-taped with our super strong and reliable tape.

Our Russian micro-bead extensions can easily be re-applied and may require a little re-tipping which is common practice with all keratin tip extensions, depending on how you care for them.

Can I Colour My Hair Extensions?

Yes, you can colour the virgin hair (uncoloured hair), many of our customers routinely colour their hair extensions by adding foils, highlights etc to their new additions, however it is important to remember the application of dyes and bleaches can damage the hair, just as it can damage your own hair, so any chemical alteration is at your own risk.  Our uncoloured hair has never been pre-lightened allowing you to create your own variations.

Any of our designer shades, including balayage, foiled and highlighted shades which have been dyed should not be chemically coloured, lightened, bleached or toned as it can damage the hair.  If you would like to colour, lighten, foil, tone we recommend choosing only our non-coloured virgin hair.  Our stock constantly is updated so please keep an eye on our instagram page or email  us regarding our current un-coloured stock.


What Does Double Drawn Mean?

All our Russian hair is double drawn and thick from top to bottom tapering our naturally.  Double drawn means the short hairs are removed, keeping a volumes effect whilst still retaining as much of the valuable hair as possible.  The longer the hair the less volume there will be once it reaches the ends as natural hair tapers off so its best to order more hair if you choose very long lengths such as 26" and beyond.  Shorter hair of the same  weight will of course result in a thicker appearance.  This applies to every company in the world who sells hair extensions.

We do not add synthetic or animal hair like appoximatly 90% of worldwide vendors to create an artificially thick appearance.  

How Is My Order Delivered?

We use Australia express post to send all parcels Australia wide.

You can expect to receive your order within 1-3 days.

Your package will be processed  sent within 1-3 business days and will be fully trackable as soon as it is dispatched.

This is flat rate, so you can purchase as much as you choose and never pay  more. All parcels are fully trackable.

Peak periods and Covid restrictions can at times cause slight delays.

What Forms Of Payment Do You Accept?

We accept accept the following forms of payment through our secure payment system.




Bank Deposit / transfer

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