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About our hand tied wefts 

Hand tied Russian wefts were the first method of attachment and is still often the most popular with hair extensions artists and salons due to how flexible, flat & strong they are.

These extensions can be folded over to customise the width but must not be cut otherwise they will unravel and the hair will be lost.  

We take our hand tied wefts a step further by also reinforcing them by machine so they are virtually indestructible.

Most of our hand tied wefts are made with completely virgin hair, unless otherwise requested.

Russian hand tied wefts Australia


How we pick the hair we use for our hand tied wefts:

Firstly we would like to say this information has absolutely nothing to do with race, or about the colour of someone's skin.  In-fact we have an extremely diverse range of clientele of all ethnicities.  This is about bringing you a broad range of natural colours and textures. 

This in turn gives us the control we need to ensure the following:

A) The hair meets the quality standards to create the best product. 

B) The texture we need, eg very fine and soft to our regular texture which is a medium cuticle. We pick ponytails which are healthy and 100% natural in their structure be it, straight, wavy or even curly.  We believe the textures MUST be natural otherwise the curl for example will fall out over time as well as the processing used in curling hair extensions is damaging.  This is done by the means of either chemical, boiling or steaming.  

C) To obtain a broad range of natural colours.

This way we can provide a full range of stunning hair we know you will love. 



bulk Russian hair extensions

We never buy bulk hair which is the hair you can buy from most online stores.  The colours and texture is replicated in mass production and represents the common shades you find from store to store.

Bulk Hair from most suppliers is collected in the fashion below:

Throughout the past few years we have learned that bulk hair supplied by 95% of hair extensions suppliers (no matter what they say) has been mass produced from many large piles of hair which simply cannot provide a high quality hair extension product as there is no real way the hair can stay in its correct alignment when its been mass sorted, washed, coloured and produced into its selected attachment method.  

Bulk hair collected from China & India like the image below is often mixed up or has added foreign material fillers to make it go further.

This is normal practice which is part of a manufacturing process and has been for over 20 years.

This "bulk" hair can even be extremely expensive but it never really represents the true nature of the hair at the end of all the processing.

Here is a pic of how bulk hair gets collected, we refuse this type of hair commonly sold in most online stores.  

Mass produced hair extensions




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