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Hair extensions are without a doubt are the best beauty secret, to change your overall look instantly and dramatically.  In-fact long and/or thicker hair can have such a dramatic improvement to your looks it can even equivalent to the effect of cosmetic surgery but without the pain! Of course, with any beauty enhancer, you want to make sure it looks natural. 

Hair extensions should enhance your look and be your best-kept secret. Sadly we have seen a lot of people with bad hair, not only that of their own hair but that of their hair extensions.  With hair extensions that truly match the textured, colour and feel of your own hair, no one will know you are wearing extensions-even if they run their finger through your hair.  

So let's talk more about hair extensions and how you can ensure they look and feel natural, and most importantly like they are a part of you.

The crucial steps to ensure a natural result:

We have all seen someone whose hair extensions did not look real and like-wise their own hair probably didn't look that crash hot either!  Use these tips to guarantee your hair extensions will look and feel as natural and beautiful if you grew it yourself.

Blending in Russian hair extensions

1-Have enough hair extensions

How to apply the correct density to suit you.  It is vitally important you have enough hair to match your own hairs density. That means, if you have thick hair you will need a lot of extensions to blend out so the top of your hair so it flows naturally to the bottom (being your hair extensions). If your own hair is thick and it whittles into fine whispy ends, you not only will be left with the dreaded "mushroom" effect you will also forever struggle to style your hair to make it look natural. Generally, the basic rule of thumb is if your own hair is thick then at least 150-250 grams of hair extensions are required depending on your own hairs density and the length you are wanting to achieve.  

Do you have thin hair and want it thicker and longer?

Say your hair is shoulder length and fine and you wish for mid-length hair, then between 100-150 grams is normally sufficient.  Up to 150 grams means you can "play" more and achieve a more natural effect by addition front layers as well as some shallow layers through the back to achieve the most natural effect whilst maintaining the most length.

Do you just want extra thickness?

In this case, you generally will choose 50 grams for added shorter volume - if your hair is long then you may wish to add 100 grams to extend right around your head with a good layer of additional hair.

Do you have short hair or are you growing out a short style? 

Then you will also need more extensions as well. You need layers to blend into your own short layers.  This is extremely important if you want your hair extensions to look and feel real. Make sure you have enough hair installed to ensure you are confident with your hair.  This generally equates to around 200 to 300 grams of hair. 

Do you want really long mermaid hair that stops traffic? 

Length is often very overlooked when it comes to how much hair you will need. If you want really long hair, it is important to go for more grams of hair.  Remember 150 grams of hair in 18" compared to 150 grams of hair say in 26" is going to create a drastically different effect. Why? because the shorter length will create more volume the longer the length the more the grams have been stretched out.  If you want to go super long its best to choose upwards of 150 grams of hair extensions hair, ideally between 200-300 grams.

2-Use the right type of extension for your hair

If you have super thin or fine hair, then tape in method is the best choice.  They are super flat and come out effortlessly with our remover solution. If you only wear hair extensions for special occasions, our clip-ins will be best for you.  However, if you have super fine hair and want semi-permanent hair extensions, our custom made invisible tape in will be best for you. Having the right type of extension is best for making your extensions blend and look natural.

Matching your hair colour

3- Matching your hair colour correclty

With our hair extensions because they are natural you don't need to have a perfect match like with other types of hair, so you can go 1-2 shades darker or lighter from your hair color and the extensions will blend and look natural due to the natural multidimensional highlight and lowlights present. If the extension color does not match, this is usually a dead giveaway that you are wearing extensions and is more due to the type of hair than the colour. Unless you have Asian or Indian hair decent  the red or orangy undertones can affect the result of it blending correctly with your own hair.  You must have the right shade when it comes to wearing extensions and this means not only in artificial light but most importantly in natural light.  The extensive bleaching from black to blonde may affect the quality of the hair, so choosing hair like Russian hair which has not been as extensively lightened or not coloured at all can be a much better choice.

4- Ensuring your hair texture matches your extensions:

As we know most hair comes from China or India which in of itself, of course, is not a bad thing, however, often due to the chemical processing that goes into, making it look finer, and the harsh bleaching from black to lighter shades as well as the mixing of foreign product to "fill" the hair, it can start to resemble something far from natural-looking hair after a short time wearing them.  Cheaper or artificially integrated (mixed) hair extensions always seem like a good deal and can look fantastic at first.  They are tempting due to their budget prices and bulk supply by companies sell this hair in bulk amounts, because they are easy to duplicate and process cheaply in large factories. It's not until the texture starts to change and they look dry and cheap, do you realise, they, in fact, do NOT match your own hair texture. 

5- Use high-quality human hair 

This is a MUST if you are going to wear hair extensions! When it comes to extensions it is better to invest in high-quality hair. This will save you a tonne of hassle and money down the road, without the chore of having to get new hair extensions constantly to suit your hair. If you want your extensions to look real, get the best quality extensions out there so you are confident they will last!

6-Go to a professional stylist

This is the best advice we can give you-go to a hairstylist when it comes to getting your hair extensions to look real and natural. Sure, extensions these days are pretty much DIY right?....which can save you a lot of money thanks to our friends on youtube ...but hairstylists can cut and blend those extensions better at the back where it's harder to see! If you are going to invest in high-quality extensions, your hairstylist can cut, color, (your hair), and your extensions. This will make all the difference if you find it too tricky or time-consuming to do yourself.

So, having perfect hair extensions is much easier than you thought. Always have enough hair, have the right color, type, and texture, and have them cut and blended by a professional! Once you get a high-quality set of hair extensions you won't look back.

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