Russian Weft / Weave Hair Extensions 100 Grams

Length: 18"
  • RL Hair Extensions
  • RL Hair Extensions
  • RL Hair Extensions
  • RL Hair Extensions

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Specially designed for perfect blending, our premium 100% Remy Russian weft hair extensions.

Double-drawn, these extensions guarantee beautiful and consistent thickness right to the ends.

1.1 metres wide, the machine weft ensures a seamless application. No tying off is required; just cut to size and apply using your preferred method.

Choose from 42 radiant colours, providing a flawless match for every individual.

Reflection tested for the most natural-looking hair in all light conditions.

The average lifespan for these extensions is 9 - 12 months with proper care.



  • 100g (1 Packet): ideal for those with fine to medium hair and a medium to long length, offering a perfect blend of volume and length.
  • 200g (2 Packets): Designed for those with medium to thick hair and a short to medium length, ensuring a volumised appearance.
Additional Information
  • Product Weight: 100g 
  •  Type: Weft
  •  Weight: 100 Grams 
  • Width: 1M

This shade is custom Made 14-16 business days in 24" + lengths -

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