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gorgeous hair

Got mine today, gorgeous colour and quality


Having worn extensions for more than 20 years myself, and now installing hair extensions through my own business, the search to find the Ultimate premium luxury hair, has been an ongoing search. Having worn and installing already great quality hair for many years, I was doubtful that any other Company could do better. Was I wrong!? RL Hair Extensions has exceeded all expectations: from the absolute fantastic customer and aftercare service, the phenomanal attention to detail and follow up, to the actual arrival of extraordinary hair. The hair itself, craftsmanship in handmade manufacturing, softness and luxurious feel, light reflection and overall natural look, is the best there is. I can not rate RL Hair Extensions high enough! Outstanding in every way. If you want the best hair in the world, then this is the right choice. You will not regret it.

Amazing quality hair and customer service

I have been wearing extensions for years and years of all kinds and believe me I have had my fair share of tangled dry messes only days, weeks or sometimes hours of wearing them! I can whole heartedly say these extensions have absolutely blown all the others out of the water for me and I wont go anywhere else again. They genuinely are soft and silky even after washing and they DO NOT tangle which is something that I find happens so easily even when purchasing the top quality more expensive brands I've tried. I could not be happier with my order and I've already just ordered my second clip in set so I can mix and match looks. Thankyou so much!!!!

These are amazing. They are so soft.

These are amazing. They are so soft. I’ve washed them twice now and they are so silky it’s crazy. I love them! Thank you, thank you, thank you.The colour matched perfectly with my hair so my hair dresser didn’t even need to do a colour match.You have been so amazing. Your customer service has been outstanding 

I’m super happy with these extensions

I’m super happy with these extensions. The quality of the hair is amazing and so soft and the colours are absolutely beautiful. The staff were super helpful in my purchase and I would definitely recommend this extension company to anyone who is looking for quality extensions .


I’d like to start off by saying I’m used to paying a lot more for my hair extensions but I was told by a my salon how good this hair was and wow it’s way better then I expected not only that it’s better then the hair I have been buying for the past few year
All I can say is I wish I had found them sooner!

Amazing quality hair

Absolutely happy with my extensions they look great even after I go swimming! Also nice and thick on the ends blended so easily
Thanks guys!

Love this company and love their products!

I have been ordering extensions for quite a few years and installing them in my own hair (tape-ins and clip-ins as they are easy for me) as well as having my hair dresser apply micro-bead and wefts for me.
I have to say I am very impressed with the professionalism of Russian Lux.
They answer all your questions in a timely and thorough manner and nothing seems like too much trouble for them.
The hair is beautifully soft, and the shades are gorgeous, with the option of natural virgin hair cuts or a range of different attachment types in coloured shades. Its really fun having such a wide range.
The hair colours are so pretty and the pretty highlights and foils really makes it blend so well in your own hair.
Previous larger companies I have purchased from, seem to rely a lot on paying people for feedback and paying influences to promote the hair but the actual product was unimpressive to me.
Thank you for concentrating on providing such beautiful hair extensions and wonderful service!


I spent years attempting to grow my hair long but once it got to a certain point it all went downhill from there, and would get dry and split and just never eventuated into the gorgeous hair I dreamed of, and even if I got some length to it, it still looked super whispy and just plain drab.
After spending thousands of dollars on extensions that didn't really suit me and had no real texture to it (just kind of heavy and straight) which did not work with the natural body of my hair, I decided to try RL. Firstly the prices are amazing after literally being quoted over $4500 for 3 rows of virgin hair from melbourne which I just could not justify, I gave RL a go.

The hair from these guys is a beautiful shade and the natural highlights and lowlights are gorgeous.
Not only is the hair awesome, but the service, communication, shipping time, everything was just brilliant.
Im happy with my hair finally!
Thanks for having such a unique product and just all round for being so wonderful

I’m really weary with buying extensions online HOWEVER

I’m really weary with buying extensions online, however I decided to just give it a go and boy am I SO GLAD I did. The hair quality exceeded my expectation. The hair is soft, bouncy and lush. Even after washing it, the texture was the same as when I first got it. I’ve also experienced NO TANGLING even though I don’t brush the hair every day (isn’t that crazy??!? I’m use to this with other extensions). I can also run my fingers through it without any issues.

To top everything else off, my experience with the Russian Lux team has been phenomenal. I changed my order a few times because I wasn’t really sure what colour to select and even though I kept going back and forth with the team, they were always so kind to me...always trying their hardest to deliver what I requested. There’s too much to put in writing, but honestly, they went above and beyond what I expected.

Amazing hair coupled with a fantastic team = a very very happy customer! This is truly a business I stand behind. Highly recommend you try their products, you won’t be disappointed.

18p/633 - Aria - I think this could be the most gorgeous blonde ever!

18p/633 - Aria - Totally Obsessed with this colour! It’s beyond amazing and super natural looking! Thank-you for making such beautiful hair extensions 💛

Cream blonde - such gorgeous hair!

Super happy with these hair extensions, from my email exchanges to delivery everything was so easy and quick, a and the hair itself is absolutely beautiful. Thanks so much for your help and advise, I really could not be more impressed 💕

Highly recommend!

I am truly delighted to recommend RL and I cannot speak highly enough for the quality of the extensions colour and style.
I've had hair extensions for a really long time and the detail and design that goes into these is truely amazing and totally different from any others. RL actually design their own and custom create them unlike the other places that just buy them pre- made.
I have always put mine in at home and I literally feel like iv gone from amateur to pro overnight!
I’ve received a lot of positive comments about my hair looking really healthy, or that it “looks so amazing today” or I” didn’t realise how long your hair was!” and for the first time I feel 100% confident because no one actually realises they are hair extensions unless they are my family/friends who already know.
They are soooo easy to blend and wear, easy to manage with my natural hair and look completely unnoticeable. I don’t spend forever styling anymore! Even when I tell someone that I have extensions, they are really surprised.
I was worried about colour matching but theses guys are amazing with helping you pick the right colour to suit you so I wasn’t disappointed.
For the first time in my life, I am happy to say I truely love my hair

The hair is too beauitful

This hair is too beautiful! I had hunted everywhere for natural balayage hair and found the perfect ponytail that came from Russian Lux.
They had it made into micro bead extensions for me and the hair is so natural looking and gorgeous I literally can’t stop touching it! It’s super thick and soft and literally glistens in the sun, I’m so in love with my hair for the first time ever.
Thankyou guys! You are the best and not only that, they are so happy to help you work out the best options.
Thanks again for putting up with my endless questions, you were sooooo super helpful and patient. Xxxxx

I am thrilled with my hair!

I had my extensions made and I am thrilled! The turn-around time was fast - was about a week and a bit and the price incredible. The hair is really gorgeous and suits me perfectly. I almost gave up on extensions especially after my last lot where my boyfriend stated, “they look kind of funny” not what you want to hear! My hair dresser told me about them and I initially dismissed her suggestion thinking I would be up for thousands. The price was so much less for hair that actually suits my hair and texture. They are brilliant at matching and very helpful. Thank-you.

Dazzlingly beautiful hair

RL is the most incredible company. Their hair is stunningly beautiful - soft, thick, luscious and available in the most gorgeous range of colours. I have tried many different types of extensions and nothing compares to Russian Lux. Their customer service is outstanding and they work so hard to find the best possible match, creating beautiful custom sets and providing such helpful advice.

Absolutely love these hair extensions!

It’s hard to put into words just how gorgeous these extensions really are. After many years of paying a lot of money for standard remy hair extensions, I finally understood there were a few big overseas factories all the hair was coming from and that it was all made in massive bulk amounts mixed in with also foreign material as "fillers". Now I finally understood why it never really felt or looked very natural.
I decided I needed a change and spent a little time researching extensions.
After checking out the Russian lux site I quickly realised that they genuinely care about creating a specialised product that really looks and feels natural.
They are passionate and very knowledgeable about hair and hair extensions; and explained the reason why their hair extensions are different from other companies, is because they actually custom create all their sets instead of buying cheap factory hair.
They also have lots of virgin ponytails which can be made into extensions meaning you can buy the hair in its natural cuts and get your hairdresser to make them. I like the idea of pre-made extensions as they are easier and cheaper, and my new luscious locks actually cant be picked even if you look closely.
This has given me a whole new lease on life and for the first time, it feels like I actually have amazing long hair, not that I'm just wearing something that doesnt really feel part of me!

Great all round!

When it comes to my hair extensions I’m very fussy fussy as iv been wearing them for a few years now.
Never before have I had the kind of hair I received from RL.
Finding something out of the “norm” is difficult unless you are willing to pay thousands and yet somehow these guys do it at such amazing prices!
They are helpful and extremely pleasant to deal with.
I was pretty certain what I wanted wouldn’t be achievable but figured if they are able to get it pretty close I’ll be happy.
Wow! What a welcoming surprise… they clearly know exactly what they are doing and got my hair spot on.
I literally for the fist time didn’t need to do any touching up with toning or colour to match them up, I just popped them in and Perfection!!
Clearly they are 100% genuinely committed to their their passion in creating amazing hair extensions ❤️

Lovely quality

Superb hair quality and is definitely, much thicker, softer and prettier than other hair extensions I’ve tried and I’ve tried a lot!
The colours are spot on and I love how the highlights and foils are done to perfection and the slight wave is just gorgeous!

Best ever!

These extensions are literally life changing ! After having my extensions installed and styled, I actually realised what a game changer it is, having high end custom styled shades that work so well for you. I could not speak more highly of of this hair. These guys are really helpful and have such well designed shades you can never tell they are extensions! Other hair extensions iv tried are generally the same from store to store and I was always compromising on style, unless I paid my hair dresser A LOT to custom colour and tone them like I have done with partial success in the past. I highly recommend anyone looking to try this hair ..its gorgeous and you’ll love it for sure!!

Beautiful quailty

After years of using several types of different hair extensions brands, I started to lose more of my hair as it kept getting knotty after a while and the texture was different no matter what I tried. I just wanted something natural that actually looked like my own hair which is actually nice and soft and not have to continually buy new hair all the time.
I felt at ease with how much knowledge these people have, and the fact that they really know what they are talking about.
They explain the process of using real natural ponytails, then the stages the hair goes through, like removing all the short hairs (by hand), washing and conditioning the hair and making it into the individual bonding attachments that are done also by hand not by machines like in huge factories.
The crazy thing is pretty much all hair extensions sites buy their hair from big Chinese or Indian factories and the hair after its been so highly processed that its like if you had bleached your own hair to an inch within its life and then dyed it to one of the multitude of available colours and then wonder why it looks so bad so quickly. I finally understand lol after many years of confusion.
When you actually think about it there is no way you can buy real hair cheaper because they have to cover it with silicon coating to make it look good, then after a few washes it feels unnatural, knotty & dry.
This is the first time I felt hair that was so stunning and natural and the highlights are so pretty.
I could not be happier with my beautiful, thick, long hair, and actually feeling like real hair. I wish I had been told about them earlier because its been quite a stressful over the years of having to continually try and match up my hair over and over again and hope the colour itself even matches, which sometimes I have gone back and forth 3 or 4 times just to get the right colour sent out.
Russian Lux are not only amazing at providing beautiful hair extensions they are also great at matching up the colour of your hair.
Thanks for making my long hair a breeze for once!

I am thrilled with my hair!

I had my extensions made and I am thrilled! The turn-around time was fast - was about a week and a bit and the price incredible. The hair is really gorgeous and suits me perfectly. I almost gave up on extensions especially after my last lot where my boyfriend stated, “they look kind of funny” not what you want to hear! My hair dresser told me about them and I initially dismissed her suggestion thinking I would be up for thousands. The price was so much less for hair that actually suits my hair and texture. They are brilliant at matching and very helpful. Thank-you.

Perfect match

This hair blends so easily!
Wish I’d just ordered from these guys from the start, iv spent heaps on having custom made extensions but the hair from this site is so unique it is like it’s been custom made without spending a fortune. My hair is very light cream blonde and all other shades were yellowy or went the other way and was grey.
Once you’ve tried them you’ll see the difference.
The hair is natural and glamorous.
I get many compliments and so much more than before so I know they blend perfectly from front back sides everywhere, they even have “babylights” (little highlights) that just adds to the beauty.

Absolutely love these hair extensions!

Ok so over the past 5 years I’ve been wearing hair extensions of various methods and from various companies. I tried Russian Lux and was amazed with how perfectly it matched and how many compliments I was getting.
You can really see the natural highlights in the hair too (I buy dark brown) it’s so much prettier and something always lacking from other companies was that “Alive” kinda look to the hair. It’s hard to explain but natural hair just had that natural glow.
I’ve tried all the bigger branded names and they are just no comparison, yes they were a bit cheaper but it always seems a bit flat.
If you want REAL Virgin hair then this is the ONLY company that has amazing quality that’s also much less as they sell much larger quantities so their prices are better.
It feels and has the texture of REAL hair. My own hair is slightly wavy and when I let it dry naturally my hair and the extensions look the same. The lady who fits my extensions has she said she had never seen hair of this quality for the price is fantastic and she’s been doing extensions for 12 years so I definitely won’t buy from anywhere else ever again.

Over the moon with this hair!!

Over the moon with this hair!!!
Not only are they literal geniuses at getting the colours and texture perfect, they are genuinely nice people. I didn't realise they could make my extensions to match my hair until someone luckily told me!
They tirelessly ensure they have all the details and make sure you are 100% with the colour and textures and then they get it spot on.
I have a curl, be it a rather annoying curl at that, as it has a couple of different textures to it, somehow they matched it up perfectly.
I used to get so sick of having to constantly curl the hair extensions, with the option of having them pre-curled its literally the best thing ever and being able to look back at photos of my hair looking the way i always dreamed of is just awesome.
My heartfelt thanks to you xxxxx

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